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Steven C. Earl

Steven C. Earl

Steven C. Earl is a licensed Texas attorney with a wide diversity of practice.  Steven both prepares estate plans for families of all economic levels, and, litigates cases related to estates, trusts and wills.  Steven also handles business formation, contract drafting, business divorces, and, also serious business litigation cases in court and in arbitration.  Steven’s work includes advising on or litigating employment issues facing small businesses. 

The unifying feature among these divergent practice areas is his commitment to excellence.  This commitment reaches back to his studies.  Steven graduated from Texas A&M with a 4.0 in his major (philosophy) and his minor (history).  Also, he graduated with honors from the University of Houston Law Center in 1997.

Steven has created, and drafted  more than a thousand estate plans for Montgomery County and Harris County residents, with a goal of making the process as simple as possible for clients without compromising quality.  While Steven’s work includes drafting wills, forming trusts, and implementing those designs, he likes to focus on the people involved.  He takes great care to understand the client’s desires and concerns- and implement them.  He also takes great pains to draft documents which allow the client to easily locate his or her decisions – unlike many lawyers who draft long winded and confusing documents.

Steven has helped form and support many local companies. He has worked to provide his clients with solid documents for customers, vendors, employees (including non-compete agreements) to sign.  Steven has been lead counsel in mergers and acquisitions of a major Texas real estate brokerage firm, a major fixed base operator (FBO) at Hobby Airport, oil and gas properties, local franchises, and local businesses.  Steven has also helped clients when a partnership dispute erupts, and, worked to resolve the situation to save the business and the client. 

In litigation, Steven believes that a lawyer obtains the best results by being aggressive on the law and facts, but also by avoiding petty strife.  In 2015, Steven helped a widow prevail in a will contest brought by her adult step-children.  By being aggressive and pushing the strengths of the widow’s case, Steven forced the will contestants to voluntarily dismiss their case with prejudice conditioned upon the widow not seeking to have the contestants pay her attorney’s fees.  Also in 2015, Steven obtained a judgment forcing an estate to transfer his client’s home to her, pay the overdue taxes on that home, and pay some debts related to that home.   Steven also obtained a judicial decree terminating a trust created by a big downtown Houston law firm which tried to keep his client from selling some valuable inherited real estate.  In litigation, Steven also forced a trustee to buy his client out of a trust which was being mismanaged.  

Steven’s litigation extends to business as well.  Steven obtained “death penalty sanctions” dismissing the suit brought by a litigant who refused to show up and be deposed by Steven.  Steven exposed a $3,500,000 note as a forgery after a client was sued for not paying the bogus note, and, he obtained a dismissal of the case on multiple grounds.  Steven has helped numerous business owners who found themselves “frozen out” of their own business during a partnership dispute.  Steven was also called upon to protect an innocent man who worked as a high profile chairman of the board of an international investment syndicate.  The man was falsely accused by other insiders.  For more than five years following the collapse of the company, Steven worked to successfully defend the man against millions of dollars in claims – and not one judgment was entered forcing him to pay damages.

Steven is also a staunch advocate for orphans and children in the foster system.  He puts his beliefs into practice, as Steven and his wife have so far adopted four children in addition to raising the two children born to them.  Steven is a member of the Board of Directors of Child Advocates of Montgomery County, an organization which provides advocates for children in the foster care system.

Steven graduated from Leadership Montgomery County in 2015.